a way to achieve goals and distribute wealth using coordination

I’m thinking a lot about ways to do good using market mechanisms(Aka the opposite of assassination markets) , charity is not the way forward for most cases .

Coordination is the key — a proposal for how to make it , you need to connect between a few parameters :

  • the willingness of someone to pay for such result
  • measurable future state of the world
  • Financial instruments that get the payment
  • Action of someone to get there

An example : a public company (the financial instrument(3) ) that gets payment…

In this piece my goal is to shed light on an emerging trend in crypto that don’t get enough attention — anon devs and investors.

Lets see who are some of the most famous ones:

Devs & founders

Molly thinks about pseudonymity : “ Pseudonymity has its benefits, but it’s harder to build a strong reputation according to @0mllwntrmt3 of @HegicOptions. There are many anonymous developers in #DeFi, but not all of them are bad actors. “

  • 0xmaki(sushiswap )

What makes an anon dev trustworthy :

some technical parameters

  1. token liquidity and…

Turning Internet Communities Into Large DeFi and E2C Businesses

YBS Capital helps internet communities become a cash-flow machine, as well as convert members into profit-earning shareholders.

There are two types of communities: those with and without a business model. The firm helps both types of ecosystems make money, as well as grow revenue a hundred times.

We also help communities implement exit-to-community (E2C) the right way.

Creating Revenue Streams

There are internet communities without a current business model. An example is a software programmer community that develops tools many people and organizations are already using. …

I want to share a framework for thought that helps me understand why some companies are more successful than others and as a way to think about things to do or not .

Time and energy are the most important resources in the world.


  1. People want to get the same things : food, shelter , education , kids , fun & make money with their skill ..
  2. Technology help invent ways to get this things cheaper and better
  3. All successful companies in the world came up with ways to make the things people want cheaper , quicker and faster or help them make more money with their time.
  4. People gain…

Bringing together the thoughts of ray Dalio and of Yuval Noah Harari on the current world health crisis and its economic post results.

Like everyone, I’m reading the news and especially listening to things that governments are doing and what ray dalio and yuval noach harari are writing about this government’s actions .

Yuval focusing on the global cooperation between countries and the fact countries are making anti-democratic rules using the excuse of keeping the public health in order and ray Dalio speaking about the failure of the current capitalistic system that don't work for most people.

Yuval says we…

TL;DR: people are like cells in the human body , countries are like organs and the all world population are like a body . the coronavirus is just a reminder that we all connected and we should love others as we love ourselves.

the first rule in the old testimony is — you should love others like you love yourself.

for a long time, i was thinking how is that even possible? the corona craze and the super-fast phase of spread showed me how . the answer is that we all connected. …

I’m trying to answer the question — what kind of future use cases should be on a blockchain that is not yet there.

One of the use cases is to capture the value of a cooperative \ kibbutz where a lot of participants with a common theme share their resources and get a chunk of the combined value they created together.

I believe that by combining resources people multiply the value of the resource they individually could do alone .

A portion of the value that this unity is providing to all the members are supposed to be reflective in…

For a long period of time, i felt that there is something in common to most of the big platform in the world , and there is something interesting about the fact that participants in this netowkrs can also become rich people .

I think I got it .

All these platforms are giving people a role that didn’t exist before and give them a way to play and in order to make money you don’t necessarily need to be the one that invent this platforms rather be a super participant in an early stage .

In this article i…

As an active member of the Blockchain community for over 6 years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the future holds for blockchain and the world of digital assets. I’ve done my best to describe this future below.

Turning a ‘network effect’ into a tradable asset — the power of the blockchain

Blockchain enables anyone to convert a ‘network effect’ into a tradable asset, which has made way for the democratization of the financial space. What does this mean exactly? Well, right now anyone can issue any asset and turn it into a tradable asset by leveraging his or her own network of contacts. This ‘network effect’ generates value and can…


twitting vitalik today :

“I just had another person ask me if Casper and sharding will be a new coin and if so will there be an ICO. This makes me cry.”

the reason those stuff happening is because there is no other incentive for the developers of such a protocol to make them work and make them successful , here is a proposal for such an incentive plan.

My name is Yonatan ,founder of matchpool project. I’m involved in the crypto industry for about 5 years and have watched Ethereum closely from the get-go. …

Yonatan Ben Shimon

care about discovering and enabling new types of assets as tools to give me and everyone wealth and freedom.

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